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Don’t let the calendar expire on your injury claim

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Injuries

The natural first response when someone is seriously injured is to seek immediate medical attention. If the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, the injured party may be able to initiate a personal injury lawsuit.

There are times when the cause of an accident is not obvious, or when injuries that were not initially treated may be discovered several months later. In other cases, the negotiation with insurance company representatives for an out-of-court settlement drags on. It is important to be mindful of Minnesota’s two-year statute of limitation for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Keep an eye on the calendar

Every state has deadlines for filing personal injury lawsuits. In Minnesota, if you fail to file a personal injury claim within two years of the date of the injury, you will most likely lose your right to have the court hear your case. There are exceptions to the two-year statute of limitations, which allow for injuries that are not discovered until two years has passed, or for cases when the negligence is discovered after the deadline.

In many injury lawsuits, it takes a year or more to accurately determine the full extent of a claimant’s injuries. A Minnesota personal injury lawsuit does not have to be resolved within two years. Many are not. A claim merely has to be filed within two years of the injury occurring.

When in doubt, ask an attorney

It is important to work with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney whenever you are injured due to someone else’s negligence. If factors make it unclear whether negligence was involved or complicate determining the extent of injuries, your lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to protect your rights so the statute of limitations does not expire.