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Lesser-known benefits of joint-custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2017 | Blog

Major family changes such as separation or divorce are often tough on everyone involved, and you may not initially feel comfortable or content if you and your ex-partner end up with a joint-custody arrangement. Going from spending every day and night with your child to only seeing him or her at predetermined times can prove emotionally taxing and stressful, but once you adjust to the idea, you may begin to see some silver linings.

In addition to giving your child a chance to see that both parents still want to provide care and make him or her a priority, joint-custody arrangements can also offer benefits to you. These might include:

A chance to return to work or school

Many people forgo continuing their education or chasing their professional dreams for a time after having children, and they often do so because there simply is not enough time to devote to it all. A joint-custody arrangement means you will have some time to yourself, after all, so if you have been waiting to return to the classroom or enhance your professional skillset, seize the opportunity to do so and better yourself in the process.

Money-saving opportunities

When you and your ex share physical custody, you probably also share day-to-day expenses, such as those associated with providing food, lodging, clothing and so on for your child. Having your child go back and forth from your care to that of your ex means you will more than likely also split the costs associated with child-rearing, which are considerable.

A new appreciation for your children

You know how after a long summer vacation you might feel a little relieved when your children finally go back to school? The same can be true of joint-custody arrangements. Getting a little time apart from your child can actually be quite healthy, and it can make you appreciate him or her and the time you spend together all over again.

Starting to share custody of your child can be a difficult transition, but you may find that the process proves easier if you start to look at the arrangement in a new light.