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The elements of an assault charge

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A charge of assault can be a serious legal matter for a Minnesota resident. Assault is considered a crime in the state, and as such a conviction for assault can result in fines and time in jail. When facing a charge of assault, it can be of benefit to an individual to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

Many readers may believe that an assault happens only when one person physically harms another person. However, assaults do not always have to involve physical contact and harm. Some claims of assault may be based on threats or intentions to create fear of physical harm. In such cases, an individual’s words and actions, short of making physical contact with another, may be sufficient to fulfill the elements of an assault charge.

Minnesota law

In Minnesota, different levels of assault can result in different charges under the law. When a minor or a law enforcement officer is identified as the alleged victim of an assault, the alleged assailant may face an assault charge with more serious possible penalties. Specific questions about assault and penalties should be directed to criminal defense attorneys as this post does not provide legal advice.

Individuals facing assault charges, however, do have options for preparing defenses. Self-defense and defense of others are two possible legal theories that may allow individuals to overcome their charges and protect their rights. The availability of defenses to charges of assault will depend on individual cases and facts and assumptions about specific cases should not be made based on the contents of this post.

Assault charges often involve allegations of actions, intentions, and losses. They can change the course of individuals’ lives and deprive them of specific rights and freedoms. Help from criminal defense attorneys can give assault defendants information and support as they confront their legal dilemmas.