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Man faces drugs and weapons charges after fleeing police

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Criminal Defense

In Minnesota, law enforcement is intent on stopping people who might be involved with illicit drugs, carrying weapons and committing other illegal behaviors. If there were previous interactions between a suspect and law enforcement, that will generally result in suspicion and pursuit by the officers. For people who are arrested criminal violations, the accumulation of charges related to drugs, weapons, fleeing law enforcement and more can cause extensive challenges. No matter the allegations, understanding the available avenues of defense can be imperative to trying to achieve a positive outcome.

Man, 26, faces myriad charges for drugs, weapons and more

A 26-year-old man who law enforcement spotted because he was near a vehicle that had been involved in a police chase days earlier was arrested on a slew of charges. The incident in which he was arrested started in the early morning hours at around 1:20 a.m. Officers saw the vehicle, recognized it and then saw the man retrieving a backpack from it. When officers confronted him, he ran away. After he was caught, officers stated they found a white substance they believed was methamphetamine. He also had a gun. As he was fleeing, he dropped the backpack. Inside they found several cellphones. Upon checking the man’s previous record, he was found to be a convicted felon. In addition, he had numerous warrants.

Long-term consequences can result from drugs and weapons charges

Anyone who is arrested in possession of scheduled drugs like methamphetamine can face significant penalties. If it is believed to have been for sale and the amount reached a certain level, it can be a major problem with a long jail sentence, fines and more. Adding in weapons charges and running from law enforcement and it could have a negative impact on a person’s life for years if not forever. Although this might seem difficult to forge an effective defense, there are strategies that can be used to seek a reasonable outcome. The evidence could have been accrued illegally or there could be options to reduce the charges or try to get an acquittal.

Having guidance to craft a defense is essential

The man in this case not only faces charges for the drugs, weapon and running from police, but he possessed the gun as a felon and had warrants. It might seem like there is little he can do to avoid the harshest penalties, but it is always wise to have an experienced criminal defense to gauge the circumstances and devise a strategy for a defense. Calling a qualified professional can analyze the situation and discuss a course of action.