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Bill and Melinda Gates divorce has turned

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Divorce

If one has been reading or watching any news recently, they likely have heard about the billionaire divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates. And, while the initial filing came with very little drama, the divorce has recently taken a turn into negative drama.

The marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates have been married for nearly 30 years, have two children and have hundreds of billions in assets to divide between the couple. This includes the continued operation of Microsoft and their join charitable foundation.

The quite before the storm

Until recently, while the divorce has been splashed across newspapers and social media, it has been relatively muted. Indeed, even among Microsoft employees, it has had little, if any, effect on the company’s operations. In fact, there has been no meetings, emails or memorandums on the matter, nor has the company released a statement on the split.

Recent reports

First, reports have emerged that someone in Melinda’s circle, maybe Melinda herself, has hired or is working with a private investigator. On Bill’s side, additional reports are coming out that Bill created an inappropriate workplace environment, including affairs with female employees and a hostile work environment. Though, it is unclear how big of an effect these individual reports will have on the divorce because most, if not all, of these employees have signed nondisclosure agreements that block them from disclosing these alleged secrets. And, these employees, both past and present, believe Bill’s attorneys will vigorously enforce the NDAs to the detriment of anyone who wishes to speak their truth.

What we can learn

For Saint Cloud, Minnesota, residents watching the drama of this divorce, they may think that all divorces devolve into these types of mudslinging. And, while some divorces do devolve, once one contacts a divorce attorney, often, the attorney can help reduce the temperature of the divorce. They, in conjunction with the attorney on the other side, can usually work together to find an amicable solution without the drama.