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Program seeks to reduce dog bites on postal workers

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

The cliché of dogs not liking the mailman might have been depicted in cartoons and movies; however, the reality is that many mail carriers in Minnesota and throughout the nation face dangers caused by dogs. When a postal worker enters the private property of an individual, he or she is under the impression that it is safe to do so. When a dog owner has not properly secured their dog, this could result in a serious attack by the dog on the postal worker.

Postal workers suffering dog bites

Based on current statistics, postal workers for the United States Postal Service are being injured by dogs at a concerning rate. So far in 2021, there have been reported over 4,200 injuries caused by dogs. For the Twin Cities metro area, 32 postal workers have suffered from dog bites so far, which is an increase from the previous year that experienced 19 dog bites.

Taking action against dog bites

As a means to address the concerning rate in the Twin Cities, two programs are being launched. One of these programs is the Dog Paw program, which uses stickers on mailboxes to alert the mail carrier of a dog. An orange sticker means that a dog lives at that home while a yellow sticker means that a dog is at the next house.

While measures can be taken to reduce dog bites, this does not prevent all of them. Thus, it is important that victims of a dog bite understand their rights and how to take action. A dog owner may have been negligent with regards to keeping their dog maintained on their property or on a leash; therefore, this information could be useful when holding the dog owner liable for the damages suffered as a result of a dog bite.

Personal injury action for a dog bite

When an individual is attacked or bit by a dog, this may result in physical, mental and emotional harm. Thus, a dog owner could face liability for the harms suffered by those injured by their dog. A personal injury action could help hold a dog owner liable while also aiding with the recovery of compensation to address the damages and losses suffered.