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How can I avoid getting arrested during a traffic stop?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Getting pulled over can be scary for anyone, but it is something that happens to thousands of people every day and usually ends with a warning or a traffic citation. However, there are ways that you can help mitigate your chances of getting a Saint Cloud, Minnesota, traffic ticket or getting arrested.

Warrants, drunk driving and obvious drugs

First, if you have a warrant, you are going to jail, unless you get incredibly lucky. Do not lie to the police or provide false identification. It will only make matters worse and increase the number of charges you are facing. If you are impaired while driving, you also will likely go to jail, if it is obvious.

However, that does not mean you should not try these strategies because, again, you might get lucky. Nonetheless, when the lights come on, prepare yourself. Breathe and accept that you may go to a Saint Cloud, Minnesota, jail.

First impression

Understand that the police officer’s most dangerous part of their day is usually traffic stops, and if you can de-escalate and make them feel better, you may get a warning. Pull over quickly. Make sure you pull over to a parking lot that is well lit, or far enough off the highway to give the officer room.

Then, roll down your windows. Do not turn around to look at the officer. Do not open any compartment. Keep your hands visible, and do not make any sudden movements. Turn off your car, roll down your windows and turn on your cabin lights. Finally, wait for the Saint Cloud, Minnesota, officer.

When the officer arrives

They will ask for your vehicle’s registration, driver’s license and proof of car insurance. Hand it over. They will ask you to confirm the information, and if it is correct, confirm it.

Polite conversation

When interacting with the officer, use “sir,” “ma’am” and “thank you.” Be polite. Smile. It is okay to ask how their day is going. Treat them like a human and with kindness.

Small talk

Everyone has the right to remain silent, so whether to engage in small talk is up to you. It can help humanize you, which could lead to a warning, but it could also get you in trouble, depending on the situation. Remember, every question the officer asks is probing to see if you have committed a crime. Every word that you utter will be examined for potential criminality. This is the danger of talking too much.