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A recent increase in DWI arrests in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense

According to KROC-AM news, state law enforcement recently conducted a DWI campaign, with a net result of around 1,300 arrests. These arrests occurred around Labor Day, a time of relaxation and celebration for many. The report also states law enforcement arrested just over 18,000 for driving while impaired. That number is just from January to early September.

The potential consequences for DWI arrests

The potential ramifications from a DWI charge are staggering. For one lapse in judgement, you can face years of increased insurance premiums, thousands in fines and legal fees and incarceration. In addition, the judge may require you to install a special device on your car’s ignition that requires you to provide a breath sample just to drive your vehicle.

Specifically, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety states that for just the first offense, jail time and loss of license are common. This is true even though Minnesota law allows arrests for less than 0.08% blood alcohol content.

If you face charges, you have options

These statistics are just numbers, but behind the numbers are everyday people in Minnesota who are either wrongfully facing false accusations or made one error in judgment. DWI charges can affect your life both in terms of criminal implications and personal matters, like future employment.

An attorney skilled in defending driving while impaired cases can be an asset in discussing your legal options. It is beneficial to speak to an attorney before answering any law enforcement questions, and you have the right to ask for an attorney before answering any questions as well. There are multiple ways a defense attorney may be able to help you navigate through this stressful time. They are aware of the mistakes law enforcement makes and can craft a defense unique to your set of circumstances.