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Veterinarians say any dog breed can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Injuries

There are many people, including government officials and managers at insurance companies, who believe that there are some dog breeds that are more dangerous than others.

Some cities and insurance companies, for example, might discourage ownership of pit bulls or Rottweilers due to the fear that these dogs are more prone to biting people.

However, animal experts say these fears are misplaced. The American Veterinary Medical Association has stated its opinion that any dog breed can bite. Moreover, no matter the breed, bites can cause serious injuries.

In fact, the AMVA opposes rules against specific breeds because the organization believes they do not get to the real problem: owners who are careless with their pets.

Owners can prevent dog bites by taking care of their animals

Being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibilities, including the responsibility to prevent their dogs from biting.

Pet owners need to make sure that they give their dogs plenty of opportunities to socialize, that is, to get used to being around human beings of all shapes, sizes, ages and behaviors.

On the other side of the coin, an owner also needs to watch and control their dog. They should use a leash when out in public and should make sure their dog is otherwise properly contained.

Spaying or neutering a household dog is also important. Doing so reduces bite risk.

They should also be on the alert to make sure their animal is not showing signs of being frightened or wanting to be alone. They should keep people away from a sick or injured pet or even a pet that is just asleep, eating or playing with its favorite chew toy.

Minnesota dog bite victims may be able to receive compensation

Millions of dog bites happen every year in this country. Of the 4.5 million bites, 800,000 victims, about 1 in 5, suffer a serious enough injury to have to go to the hospital. Sadly, half of all victims of dog bites are children.

Physical injuries can lead to visible scarring, and there are almost emotional scars after just about any dog bite injury.

Those in the St. Cloud area who suffer injuries from dog bites may have the option to pursue compensation from the dog’s owner.