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Do you have a wrongful death claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Wrongful death

It is never fair when you lose a loved one in an untimely manner. Freak accidents due to gross negligence happen far too often and are overwhelming. You might find consolation in knowing that you can receive some sort of compensation in the case of wrongful death.

What can I recover from the wrongful death lawsuit?

The death of a loved one is not only painful emotionally but also financially. If you have a wrongful death claim, you may be able to seek compensation for these damages:

  • Medical expenses and hospital bills
  • Funeral, viewing and burial expenses
  • Loss of income due to a period of unemployment
  • Loss of benefits and health care from employment
  • Emotional and mental damages

Eligible relatives can sue for all damages that resulted from the accident and the death. These include the amount spent on treatment and rehabilitation. But the court may also award damages based on how much the family’s lifestyle changed because of the person’s impairment and consequent death.

Who is eligible to make a wrongful death claim?

Family members of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Minnesota law states that these families trying to recover compensation must be legally the next of kin of the deceased. These are the spouse, children, siblings, parents or grandparents.

The next of kin must decide who of the family members will represent their family in the case – the trustee. The trustee can only file the wrongful death claim within three years from the date of death. If you are the trustee, you should try to recover everything your family lost and more.