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How accurate is eyewitness testimony?

Anybody facing criminal charges is entitled to a fair trial, but anybody familiar with the legal system knows it is not always as objective as one might hope. There are many factors that can influence and compromise the fairness of your treatment in the justice system. For people facing charges related to assault, domestic violence, theft or property damage, eyewitness testimony can be a focal point of the trial. It is worth examining, though, just how accurate these accounts might be. The following four issues can seriously threaten their reliability.

Protect yourself and your future: Don't talk to cops

We were raised to be respectful of authority. Cops have a hard job; there is no doubt about that. But the United States Constitution guarantees you don't have to make their job any easier. You know the words by heart: You have the right to remain silent. But do you actually follow that rule when you are talking to an officer?

What Are Your Rights In A Traffic Stop?

Traffic stops can involve confusing issues of legality over both reason for the stop itself and whether that stop can extend to a search of the vehicle. Armed with knowledge of the laws governing traffic stops, you will be better equipped to respond appropriately and recognize when police are attempting to execute a legal or illegal stop or search. While the information presented here should help you understand the general guidelines applied to traffic stops, it cannot be taken as a professional legal advice for your specific case.


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