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Order For Protection (OFP’s)

“Domestic abuse” means actual or imminent fear of physical harm, bodily injury or assault, or terroristic threats, when committed against a household or family member. In Minnesota, if you are the victim of domestic abuse, you can petition the court for an Order for Protection. An Order for Protection (OFP) is a Court order that will help protect you from domestic abuse, by ordering the abuser to stop harming or threatening you, or your children, and to keep him or her away from your residence, place of employment, school or other locations frequented by you and/or your minor children.

When a Petition for an Order for Protection alleges an immediate and present danger of domestic abuse, the court may grant an ex parte (emergency) order for protection. The person against whom the order for protection is filed may request a hearing to contest the order for protection, if he or she wishes to deny the allegations.