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Reviews For Michael

“Thank you Michael and the PCG Law Staff. Thank you for being so patient & helpful. You all make this very painless. We are so glad to have [this] finished!” – Estate Planning Client

“My most sincere thanks for your wonderful representation during one of the most trying times. I really appreciate your guidance, friendship and charisma.” – Personal Injury Client

“Thanks again for helping me out of my situation! Good to know I’ve got connections for when I get into some stupid shit, but hopefully I won’t be reaching out in this context again.” – Criminal Client

“On behalf of both XXXX and myself, I want to take a moment to say thank you. Trust is something that is not easily earned, and trust in an attorney is even more rare . Thank you for being a person and professional that I trust with the two most important people in my world – XXXX. I understand that the answers are not always easy and sometimes not what we want to hear. I know the process can be arduous. However, I appreciate having someone I/we trust as much as we trust you to guide us through challenging times and situations. Thank you for your honesty, sincerity, and integrity. Thank you for being someone who is worthy of our trust. We appreciate you.” – Business and Family Law Client

High-Conflict Divorce Upon Finalizing Judgment and Decree

Michael: “Thank you for everything you and your team did, I actually slept 12 hours straight and wasn’t freaked out when I woke up dreading what was next.”

Child Support Modification

Michael/Vickie: “Thank you for all of your work under some tight timelines, everything went well today. Again, thank you for all your efforts, they are very much appreciated.”

Conciliation Court Matter

Michael: “You certainly did express the concerns I had! Your writing was very clear…I am the happiest I have been in a long time…Thank you for the time you took to write the letter!”

Contentious High Value (Both parties high profile professionals) Dissolution with Minor Children

“Strong work Michael…thank you for all your hard work…You have done a great job. You are a pretty good lawyer. I respect you.”

Post-Dissolution Modification of Custody and Parenting Time Matter

“Thank you again, Michael, for everything. You are amazing and so truly talented at what you do. It is a blessing to work with you and we are so appreciative.”

“You know, Michael, I was thinking last night that despite the pot of SUCK that going through this divorce is, I am grateful for having such a strong advocate to help me (you). Thanks for everything. Have a good day.”

“Thanks for all your help again through this [divorce]. I really got lucky when I was sent to you [Michael]. You know your stuff, you are good to relate to, you explain things well so an idiot like me understands it. God bless you and I wish you all the good things life has in store for you.”

Reviews For Kendra

“Kendra Hagen is a great attorney. She is fast, in depth, incredibly knowledgeable and familiar with local courts, judges and procedures since she’s been practicing in Stearns and other counties in the area for a long time. She understood my complicated case and really did a lot to help, without providing unrealistic expectations. She worked with me directly, without relegating the case to paralegals, was very responsive and a perfect communicator, including communicating over the weekend when necessary. She is assertive without being aggressive.”

“Thank you for being such a great mediator for us. You brought things to light that didn’t mean as much as other things in life. Thank you also for the outcome that came with it.” – Mediation Client

“I’m continually grateful for your guidance and support during one of the most difficult times in my life. Thank you for your grace and patience – you seem to know exactly what I needed to find strength and continue moving forward. Something better must be on the horizon!” – Family Law Client

“Thank you so much for your expertise! We were so blessed to have been led to you and your group. Your care and concern along with your knowledge of the law cannot be beat.” – Family Law Client

Reviews For Kim

Working with the Best

“Kim – You’re the greatest! Thank you, Thank you, Kim. I had the privilege to have one of the best. Thanks for believing in me.”

“Kim: I want to thank you for the excellent job you did during the XXXXXX mediation. I appreciated your approach and the ease of the process. The sign of a good mediation is when everyone walks away a little unhappy with the settlement and I believe that was the case here.”  – Insurance Company Senior Claims Executive

Difficult Divorce Mediation

“Kim did a great job on the mediation. I don’t think anyone else could have gotten it done. Thank you.”

Wrongful Death

“After my husband was killed by a careless and distracted driver, Kim and Vickie helped me navigate the confusing maze of following the criminal prosecution of the at-fault driver, followed by our prosecution of the civil-insurance claims. They were kind, considerate, informative and effective. They hired qualified experts and prepared and presented my wrongful death case for damages resulting from my husband’s death with diligence and great care. We were able to achieve a successful resolution of that case.

Although my husband is irreplaceable and my loss is forever, I know that I achieved a just outcome with the help of Kim, Vickie and the rest of the PCG staff.”

Death of a family member due to wrongful act of another

Kim, thank you so much for helping us with my case – You truly made our day much easier than we were anticipating! I appreciated your “straight forwardness,” your honesty and your humor!
You are very good at your job! But, to be good at your job, I honestly believe that starts with the person… and you are truly a good person!
Thanks again for all that you did. I am satisfied with the outcome!”
– Names redacted to remain confidential

“It was good seeing you [Kim] again. I don’t know if you remember but you had mediated a case for me a very long time ago and we were able to also get that case successfully resolved. Once again, thank you for all your help. Best wishes.”

“Kim. Excellent mediating! Thanks.”
– A Northern MN Insurance Lawsuit Litigator

“Kim. Thank you for your efforts and patience yesterday. You are a master at mediating, and you are life-changing for families.” – A St. Cloud Family Law Attorney

Severe Injury Mediation with Insurance Company

“Dear Mr. Pennington
I would like to thank you for working with us–We feel you did an awesome job. Thank you again.”
– Signature omitted to maintain confidentiality

Review For Russell

“I had a conversation, by phone, today with Russell Cherne about recovery of a loss from an auto accident which occurred in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Mr. Cherne was very generous with his time and he gave me sound advice. He recommending pursuing the issue in small claims court. Thanks, Russell!”

High Value-High Conflict Divorce

“I am so grateful for the way you saw me through that process. I always knew I had the best legal support I could have possibly had. You are definitely one of the good guys!”

“Thank you- profoundly.”

“As to how you presented the case, outstanding! The opening argument was a bit dramatic and soap opera like for my taste, but as for the rest… Well, you were confident, knowledgeable, precise, direct, to the point, and clear. Good job…It was apparent from all documents received and during trial on Tuesday you had studied and familiarized yourself with the case. You presented it very well….”

Unique Personal Property Dispute

“Thank you for your expertise in concluding my disagreement with —. I have displaced the — in the — parade to the enjoyment of thousands of parade goers. I enjoy having the — in my shop and just enjoy seeing it on a daily basis. Thank you again for your service.”
– Names redacted to remain confidential