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St. Cloud man arrested in connection to aggravated assault

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Whether one is at home or at a public place, altercations could occur. While many of these are minor and can quickly be resolved, some get heated and turn physical. Such incidents could involve physical harm and having law enforcement involved. While it takes time to unfold the events of the fight, this could result in one or both parties being placed under arrest. In the heat of the moment, this can be a very confusing and overwhelming time, making it imperative that one fully understands their rights and what legal defenses one has if charges do result.

Aggravated assault incident

According to recent reports, a St. Cloud man was arrested following an aggravated assault incident that involved a knife. Law enforcement were called to the scene, after a complaint of a knife incident was made just before 9 p.m. near the 1200 block of Breckenridge Avenue.

Upon arrival, officers located a 47-year-old man suffering from multiple knife injuries. They were determined to be non-fatal injuries and occurred during a verbal dispute with another man. The injured man was transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

Investigation, arrest and criminal charges

Shortly after this call, law enforcement made a traffic stop near the 800 block of 2nd Street North, resulting in the arrest of a 58-year-old man believed to be involved in the altercation. At this time, the man has not been formally charged.

When a party is arrested or brought into custody for presumed connection to a crime, it is important that individuals understand that they have rights. As soon as law enforcement begins speaking with them, they have the right to remain silent. Furthermore, they have rights when it comes to searches, seizures and any investigation conducted. Thus it is important that they take the time to understand and protect these rights.

Asserting a criminal defense is not only a right afforded to those accused of a crime, but it is also the accused’s best chance at clearing their name or reducing the penalties they face if conviction does result. Therefore, understand the details of the matter and what criminal defense strategies are available is an important step to take.