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What is the timeline of a personal injury lawsuit?

A personal injury accident like a slip-and-fall incident or a motor vehicle crash can be devastating for a Minnesota resident and their family. Their injuries may be serious and painful, and their limitations may keep them from doing their job. In no time, they may...

Dog bites can have serious consequences

It might be hard to resist letting a friend or neighbor pet a dog’s floppy ears, fluffy paws or wagging tail. In Minnesota, however, a dog’s owner can face serious consequences if their dog bites someone. Minnesota law states that if a dog, without provocation,...

What you do after a car crash is important

The odds are that the average motorist in this country will be in a crash of some severity about once every 10 years. For your safety and to protect your right to file a personal injury lawsuit, you should know what to do after a vehicle accident. Before Prepare to...



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