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Prenups are insurance

Even during the most anticipated and happiest events, we should plan for something going wrong. A prenuptial agreement, in addition to being a financial planning tool, serves as insurance for couples in case they ever end their marriage. A prenup can help avoid some...

How does the divorce mediation process work?

If you are like the majority of Americans, you have already married. In fact, the Pew Research Center states that approximately half of Americans over the age of 18 had spouses in 2017. However, now you want to end your marriage. When you decide to divorce, you can...

3 costly mistakes men make during divorce

As you are heading toward divorce, you need to start getting prepared for the many challenges you will face. Men and women generally face different issues during and after divorce, so it is crucial to be ready for unique problems you will have to deal with. So how do...

Why people are throwing divorce parties

Nobody ever said divorce would be easy. In fact, it is often one of the most stressful and emotionally trying events a person might go through. According to the American Psychological Association, though, it is an undeniable truth that between 40 and 50 percent of...



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