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Work zone truck accidents a growing concern across the nation

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Injuries

Work zones are prevalent on the Minnesota roads. Repairs, maintenance and improvements are critical to state and national infrastructure and it is something that drivers must simply accept as part of the daily routine. There is no doubt that work zones can be dangerous with a high potential of an auto accident. Large trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles that are on the road in general and near work zones specifically. The statistics are stoking worry about safety. For truckers, drivers of passenger vehicles and those stationed in work zones, it is essential to be aware of the risk. When there is an accident, it can cause a litany of problems. Knowing what to do after the fact is imperative.

FMCSA says trucks involved in one-third of fatal work zone crashes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) says that trucks are involved in a substantial number of fatal collisions in work zones. This report is part of its campaign to encourage truckers to exercise greater caution in these areas. Although large trucks comprise around 5% of traffic, they are involved in approximately one-third of fatal work zone collisions. The last week in April was dedicated to work zone safety with National Work Zone Awareness Week. Drivers are told of the dangers, entreated to remain alert, follow the law and give sufficient room for everyone to remain safe. There were 842 fatalities in work zones in 2019. That was a spike of 11% from 2018 and the worst year-to-year increase since 2000. Certain states are at greater risk than others, but this is a national problem.

Auto accidents can happen anywhere at any time

While most people might have certain preconceived notions about auto accidents, the reality is that they can happen anywhere without warning. The numbers do not lie and there are certain circumstances in which people are at greater risk of injuries and fatalities. Trucks can be intimidating when sharing the road with them and if there is a collision, there can be catastrophic, life-changing injuries and death. In the aftermath of these unfortunate circumstances, people are frequently unsure of what to do. The accumulation of medical costs, lost income and the uncertainty of the future can be overwhelming. It is useful to have assistance during these problematic times.

Consulting with qualified advocates can provide information

After a truck accident, those who were impacted must remember that they have rights. Personal injury and death in road accidents are troublingly common. A full investigation, gathering evidence, assessing the future and determining how to move forward may require professional help. For advice, having experienced guidance can be vital and should be understood from the outset.