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How to modify a child support order

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Child Custody

Child support is determined based on the circumstances of the family and information provided by both parents. There are a couple of different ways that child support may be modified and parents interested in modifying their child support order should be familiar with what those are.

Request for child support modification

Parents can request a child support modification that may be ordered by the court. Child support may also be modified based on cost of living adjustments. Child support orders may be eligible for modification if the income or expenses of the parents or children have changed. This can include the loss of a job or a promotion. Income can increase or decrease because of unemployment, underemployment or health issues the parent may experience.  It could also include a change in childcare expenses because childcare has started or stopped, a change in medical coverage or if other circumstances change.

Approval from the family court

Because a child support modification has to be approved by the family law court, it is essential for parents seeking a child support modification to request one from the family law court as soon as possible when they know it is needed. Paying parents should also continue to pay child support until their child support modification has been granted and is made official with a modified child support order.

Either parent can make a request to modify child support. The family law system provides tools to help divorced parents and families with the concerns that come up in the course of paying and receiving child support.