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How should I respond to aggressive drivers?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers encounter varying threats that could lead to severe or dangerous road accidents. These hazards include other drivers practicing risky habits, such as aggressive driving. It is a significant concern that could risk road safety, affecting other drivers, passengers, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Researchers found that around 56% of fatal crashes include aggressive driving as a contributing factor. These incidents could also escalate to road rage situations with high risks of deaths and injuries. A study showed that out of 10,000 road rage scenarios, 218 led to fatalities, while 12,610 resulted in physical harm.

Your and your passengers’ safety could depend on how you respond when facing an aggressive driver. Avoid dangerous situations involving them by responding accordingly.

  • Avoid offending them, which could escalate the situation. Enraging aggressive drivers could increase the chances of a collision. Avoid cutting them off, tailgating them and refusing to let them pass.
  • Do not engage with them. These drivers might lose control of their vehicles when speeding out of anger. Give them enough room to pass by without colliding with your car.
  • Always choose to drive defensively instead of matching their attitude. Do not let your emotions get the better of you. Being the bigger person could save a life.

Sometimes, aggressive drivers might take measures to force interaction with you. If that happens, you should seek help immediately.

Call the authorities whenever you are in danger

Call the police if you feel unsafe on the road. Aggressive drivers could target you and suddenly follow you. When that happens, do not face them alone. You should contact the authorities to help you resolve the situation. Doing so could also help de-escalate the altercation, keeping yourself and others safe.