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Motorcyclists at high risk for injuries and death in crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

During the summer in Minnesota and throughout the nation, people take advantage of the warm weather in different ways. Some decide to get on their motorcycle and enjoy the opportunity to ride. However, it is undeniable that motorcyclists are at greater risk of injury and loss of life because of their inherent vulnerability.

Any collision involving a motorcycle can lead to catastrophic injury and death. After a recent series of accidents, state law enforcement, safety advocate and legislators are expressing concern and entreating riders to think about safety and those who share the road with them to be attentive. Still, when there is an accident, those who are affected must know what options are available to them.

Recent weekend motorcycle crashes highlight ongoing dangers

Two Minnesota motorcycle accidents resulted in the riders losing their lives and added to the growing concern. In one, a 53-year-old man who was operating the bike suffered life-threatening injuries and his 40-year-old female passenger was killed.

In the other, a 39-year-old man was killed when a delivery truck turned in front of him. A third motorcycle accident sent the riders – a 57-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman – to the hospital because of a vehicle turning in front of them. Drivers failing to yield, not checking their mirrors and turning vehicles often lead to motorcyclists being hurt or killed.

In 2023, there have been 33 motorcycle fatalities in Minnesota. This is an improvement from the same time in 2022 when there had been 43 deaths, but it is still worrisome. A representative for the Department of Public Safety says that in the last four decades, there had been notable improvement in motorcycle safety. In 1980, 3,359 people lost their lives in these accidents. In 2021, that lowered to 998. Despite that, riders remain in jeopardy.

Know the value of experienced help after a motorcycle accident

People will have a seemingly endless list of questions after they have been involved in or impacted by a motorcycle accident. They will need to know how much they can receive for all they have lost; how long it will take; what happens with their medical expenses as they wait for a legal claim to be settled; how to handle insurers and more.

Motorcycle enthusiasts tend to run the gamut from young people to older people and everywhere in between. When there has been an accident, it is essential to know what steps to take in the aftermath. It is possible that an insurer will offer a reasonable settlement to preclude a potentially exorbitant award in court. This can cover for all that was lost and more.

From the beginning, it is useful to have comprehensive advice from those who are established in the community, understand what people are facing and can be a steady hand with striving to recover a sufficient amount. This is fundamental when people have been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident.