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3 tips for working with your co-parent

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2023 | Child Custody

Co-parenting isn’t always easy, but many parents make it work because they appreciate the benefits for the children. The changes in dynamics that come with transitioning from a romantic relationship to a parenting one can be incredibly challenging. 

You and your ex can make the situation a bit easier for everyone involved in many ways. Consider these three to get you started:

1. Leave the past alone

What happened in the past doesn’t impact the co-parenting decisions you make. Unless there was abuse or neglect of the children, what happened in the past shouldn’t be brought up now. It may help if you remember that even someone who was a terrible spouse can be an excellent parent. 

2. Remain willing to compromise

You and your co-parent will have to work as a team. Being willing to compromise can make this much easier. There must be a give and take because neither parent should always be the one to give in to the other.

3. Avoid badmouthing

Badmouthing your co-parent shouldn’t ever happen. If the children hear one parent speaking negatively about the other, they may have mixed feelings. This could lead to serious future issues, so it’s best to avoid badmouthing. It’s typically a good idea to avoid talking badly about your ex to anyone because you never know when it will get back to them.

A solid parenting plan provides the foundation for what happens with the children—getting this set as quickly as possible after the split is beneficial. It may behoove you to discuss the contentious issues with someone familiar with working these matters out.