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Navigating wrongful death claims: A look at sensitive matters

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Wrongful death

Wrongful death claims are complex legal matters, but beyond these intricacies, they delve into the profound impact of loss. When the other party or parties (insurer, motorist, etc.) deny involvement or resist claims, the bereaved can have an even harder time.

Knowing what to expect can help you navigate your claim and prepare you for statements or events that may intensify your grief. It may even give you the will to carry on when the emotional effects of your loss feel overwhelming.

Blame-shifting strategies

Do not be surprised if an insurance company or an at-fault motorist tries to turn the tables and pin fault for the incident on your loved one. In car accident claims involving death, some insurers may use this tactic to try to reduce their liability or avoid paying altogether.

Court of public opinion

If your wrongful death claim goes unresolved and you take it to court, it becomes a matter of public record. Your peers and neighbors may develop strong opinions about your claim, such as your true motivation for filing. Be prepared in case people pass judgment on your legal decisions.

Doubts and second-guessing

Dealing with your wrongful death claim can force you to relive your loss again and again. It can be so overwhelming that you may feel you should give up and move on. Remember your motivation—obtaining justice for your loved one—and seek a legal opinion before abandoning your claim.

Consider learning more about Minnesota’s wrongful death laws. Accurate legal knowledge combined with experienced guidance may help to ensure the responsible parties are held accountable for their role in your loss.