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Tips for driver safety during the winter months

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Car Accidents

As we enter the waning weeks of Jan. 2024, it is obvious that Mother Nature has been a bit unkind to many winter travelers this year. While we Minnesotans are used to wintry weather for about half the year, it never hurts to review some tips for safer driving.

Keep these risks in mind when you set out on your next winter destination.

Keep your tank topped off

Drivers who maintain at least a half tank of gas in their vehicles eliminate much of the condensation that can form from moisture and create engine problems. Also, a nearly full or full tank leaves you better positioned in the event of white-out blizzard conditions on the highway.

Don’t slack on maintenance

This should be a year-round mantra, but it’s especially important when wind-chill factors drop below zero and you’re stuck on the side of the road with a malfunctioning vehicle. Rotate the tires, change the oil, don’t let the fluid levels get too low. You’ll be grateful for the trouble you don’t have later.

Buy decent tires

This is definitely a purchase where cheaper is not likely to be better. You want tires that grip the road and don’t skid off the highway or cross the interstate. Paying more for better makes sense here, and you can cut back on something far less important.

Avoid skids entirely

One way to reduce the likelihood of a skid is to drop the manual or automatic transmission down into a lower gear when accelerating on slick pavement. Then, reduce your driving speed so you can stop faster when necessary.

Call in any accidents

Never assume that a fender-bender is too minor to make a report. That person could get into a later crash and blame any subsequent damage on your minor bump. Take photos and get names and phone numbers.

Learning more about Minnesota personal injury laws can help you make better choices following a wreck.