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Do some professions have higher divorce rates?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Divorce

Professionals often compete over professional credentials and accolades. They definitely do not compete over divorce rates. However, according to career website Zippia, your profession could impact your marriage.

Military careers

Kids in the United States are bombarded by advertisements to join the military. Indeed, military recruiters are a part of every career event, and they may even be part of the school’s curriculum itself.

But, according to Zippia, those in the military have the highest divorce rates by age 30 among any profession. Among military careers, first-line enlisted military supervisors have the highest divorce rates. Indeed, first-line enlisted military supervisors have the highest divorce rate of any job in the United States that is tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Not entirely surprising

When we think about this result, it is not entirely unsurprising. After all, our military is underpaid. Their working conditions are literal battlefields, and they leave their families for months at a time.

This is why we thank military families as well as service members for their service, because we all know that being a military family has its own unique challenges. So, it should not be all that surprising that our armed forces members experience divorce disproportionately.

Blue collar careers

Skilled tradespeople also have disproportionately higher divorce rates. Like their military brethren, they too work long hours in often dangerous conditions.

Does this mean I should check this list to see if I need to change jobs?

No. This list is more brain popcorn than career and relationship bible.

However, the data can help us realize that if our jobs take us away from our families for long stretches, perhaps it may be time to find something different. Otherwise, we may need to speak with a Minnesota family law attorney to make sure we are treated fairly in a divorce.