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Minnesota is a “no fault state,” which means that neither party must prove the other person did something wrong or caused the marriage to end. However, divorce is a complicated, emotional process that frequently invokes feelings or perceptions that one or both persons are at fault. Emotional issues, including anger, guilt, confusion and a feeling of powerlessness often complicates decision-making and clouds one or both parties’ judgment at some point in the process of divorce.

Our attorneys understand and are sympathetic to the emotional impact and financial consequences of divorce upon families. We can guide you through the process to determine how best to separate your finances, including property, assets, possessions, your home and debt, as well as determine how best to continue to raise and support your children. During a proceeding for divorce or legal separation, our attorneys can analyze your financial circumstances and help determine if you have a valid claim to receive spousal maintenance (alimony), or defend against an unreasonable claim made by your spouse.